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Out100: Daniel Levy

Barefoot Bubbly

Daniel Levy

Photography by Ryan Pfluger at Tribeca Journal Studio, New york,  on September 21, 2015. Styling by Javon Drake. Groomer: Dallin James at The Wall Group. Suit by Acne. Shirt and tie by COS.

“Eugene Levy Has a Really Hot Son,” read a 2015 BuzzFeed headline. Sexy selfies aside,  —  Levy, the impeccably groomed offspring of the American Pie actor is becoming a comedic darling in his own right. This year, he and his father unveiled Schitt’s Creek, a Pop network sitcom they created about a once-rich, now broke couple who must relocate to a small town they bought as a joke. A former MTV Canada host, Levy brought a delicious tartness to his role as the pair’s deadbeat son—and will again when the series returns in 2016. “You’ve beat the odds if you get a show on TV for one full season,” Levy says. “The fact that we’ve just finished shooting our second is totally surreal.”

SLIDESHOW | Out100 2015

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