Soundcheck: The Out100

Soundcheck: The Out100

Listen below:



7 CaseySpooner
 Fischerspooner, We Are Electric

12 GleeCast
 Glee Cast, I Want to Hold Your Hand

10 KeleOkereke
 Kele, Tenderoni

8 JenniferKnapp
 Jennifer Knapp, Dive In

1 RickyMartin
 Ricky Martin feat. Joss Stone, The Best Thing About Me Is You

9 OwenPallett
 Owen Pallett, Lewis Takes His Shirt Off

11 KatyPerry
 Katy Perry, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

6 MichaelStipe3
 R.E.M., Discoverer

13 RuPaul
 RuPaul, Jealous of My Boogie

2 ScissorSisters
 Scissor Sisters, Any Which Way

5 VW
 Vampire Weekend, Giving Up the Gun

3 RufusWainwright3
 Rufus Wainwright, Who Are You New York?

4 ChelyWright
 Chely Wright, Broken



4 JonsiBirgisson
  Jónsi, Go Do

1 AdamLambert
 Adam Lambert, Whataya Want from Me

2 CyndiLauper
 Cyndi Lauper, Just Your Fool

7 MattMorris
 Matt Morris, Money

6 JonGinoli
 Pansy Division, That’s So Gay

5 WL
 Wendy & Lisa, You and I

3 WillYoung
 Will Young, Leave Right Now



4 BradfordCox
 Deerhunter, Vox Celeste

5 MissyHiggins
 Missy Higgins, Where I Stood

3 OurLadyJ
 Our Lady J, Last Night

7 AmandaPalmer
 Amanda Palmer, The Point of It All

1 KatyPerry
 Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl

8 Sia
 Sia, The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

6 TeganandSara
 Tegan and Sara, Back In Your Head

2 JamieStewart
 Xiu Xiu, Under Pressure



6 AntonyHegarty
 Antony and the Johnsons, Sing for Me

4 BiancaCasady
 Cocorosie, Promise

3 DanGillespieSells
 The Feeling, I Thought It Was Over

2 BethDitto
 Gossip, Jealous Girls

5 EdDroste
 Grizzy Bear, Knife

1 JenniferHudson
 Jennifer Hudson, Spotlight

8 IvriLider
 Ivri Lider, Jesse

7 DrewDanielsMCSchmidt
 Matmos, Rainbow Flag

10 NicoMuhly
 Nico Muhly, I. Archive

9 LucasSilveira
 Lucas Silveira, Complicated



1 DarrenHayes
 Darren Hayes, So Beautiful

2 GeorgeMichael2
 George Michael, Faith



6 MelissaEtheridge6
 Melissa Etheridge, I Run for Life

2 MaryGauthier
 Mary Gauthier, Mercy Now

1 LesleyGore
 Lesley Gore, Better Angels

3 EltonJohn6
 Elton John, Weight of the World

4 LindaPerry
 Linda Perry, Life In a Bottle

5 RobHalford
 Judas Priest, Revolution



1 Kdlang2
 k.d. lang, Bird On a Wire



1 SkottFreedman
 Skott Freedman, Some Company



1 StephinMerritt2
 Stephin Merrit, Some Summer Day

2 MeshellNdegeocello4
 Meshell Ndegeocello, Earth



2 AniDifranco2
 Ani Difranco, So What

6 MelissaEtheridge5
 Melissa Etheridge, Lover Please

5 MichaelStipe2
 R.E.M., Imitation of Life

1 SleaterKinney3
 Sleater-Kinney, The Ballad of a Ladyman

3 ChuckPanozzo
 Styx, Mademoiselle

4 RufusWainwright2
 Rufus Wainwright, Grey Gardens



1 DavidDaniels
 David Daniels, Serenade

2 MelissaEtheridge4
 Melissa Etheridge, Angel Would Fall

3 EltonJohn4
 Elton John, Something About the Way You Look Tonight

4 StephinMerritt1
 The Magnetic Fields, Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

5 MeshellNdegeocello3
 Meshell Ndegeocello, Bitter

6 SleaterKinney2
 Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun



2 GeorgeMichael1
 George Michael, Careless Whisper

4 QueenPen
 Queen Pen, Party Ain't a Party

3 MichaelStipe1
 R.E.M., Daysleeper

1 RufusWainwright1
 Rufus Wainwright, Beauty Mark



2 AniDifranco1
 Ani Difranco, Glass House

3 EltonJohn3
 Elton John, Candle In the Wind

1 SleaterKinney1
 Sleater-Kinney, Big Big Lights



1 MelissaEtheridge3
 Melissa Etheridge, I'm the Only One

3 MeshellNdegeocello2
 Meshell Ndegeocello, Make Me Wanna Holler

2 RuPaul
 RuPaul, Snapshot



1 MelissaEtheridge2
 Melissa Etheridge, I Want to Come Over

 R.E.M., Electrolite

3 EltonJohn2
 Elton John, Believe

4 BoyGeorge
 Boy George, Same Thing In Reverse



1 MelissaEtheridge1
 Melissa Etheridge, Come to My Window

5 AmyRay
 Indigo Girls, Power of Two

2 EltonJohn1
 Elton John, Can You Feel the Love Tonight

3 Kdlang1
 k.d. lang, World of Love

4 MeshellNdegeocello1
 Meshell Ndegeocello, I’m Diggin You (Like an Old Soul Record)




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