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The Gayest Commercials


Some day, TV commercials won’t be notorious, shocking, celebratory, or even banned just for being gay. Until then, here are 28 of the most groundbreaking (for their time) from around the world.

Banned Jawbone Bluetooth ad.

The two snogging blokes are actors, the rest are a genuine rugby team.

"That French gay cat ad"... for Orangina.

Bizarre, silly, and banned.

The Man Crunch dating ad supposedly banned from the Super Bowl.

Heinz got in on the act with a butch gay couple.

Did you see the twist coming?

Hyundai's "Toy Boy" ad

Puzzling and cliched, but fun.

Swedish gay dating

The boy at the end comments "Cool car." Ah, adolescence.

A rather sweet Levi's ad

But a shame they didn't dare have them get even a little bit intimate.

Renault creates a drag-friendly family affair.

Those crazy Canadians...

D&G get their gay on.

McDonald's goes gay

But we wish the father and son actually had a conversation about it.

And D&G get their gay on... again.

Not sure Ikea furniture would stand up to this sort of treatment, but it's fun just the same.

The punch line is rather obvious, but it's slick and well done.

Ikea proves they can be patronizing, too.

"True Colors" always gets us

And so does the idea of priests getting married.

Who knows what they're saying

But they're gay. And they like doing laundry.

Eve finds her Adam

But he's not exactly what she's looking for.

Renault's lesbian ad

But not really.

If only it were this easy to get hunky gay cops to hit on you.

Where not sure what's worse: A cologne with (alleged) gay pheromones or the production quality of this commercial.

Could West Fourth have made a cheesier commercial?

Probably, but this one is bad enough as it is.

MTV's "You Never Know" ad featuring gay skateboarders

Surprising and hot.

Stocker Jeans: a prison shower scene, a dropped bar of soap

Once again tired homophobic themes are used to sell products.

"Children raised by homosexuals do not necessarily become homosexuals."

"Dad, I'm gay!"

An "excellent" cell phone ad from the U.K.


We're not exactly sure what's going on here in this Israeli Gay Youth ad.

If you know, fill us in.

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