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Don’t Get Ready, STAY Ready for the Holidays

One male gifting another male a bundle of Pure For Men supplements for the holiday season

The holidays are here, the decorations are up, and now it’s time to sleigh the season!

There’s just one problem…

The gifts aren’t wrapped yet. Or even bought yet!

Not to worry, Pure for Men is here with the perfect gifts to help male friends or loved ones spread cheer into the New Year!


Man coddling a batch of Pure For Men fiber and cleanliness pills


Give Bundles of Joy

Any long-time Pure for Men follower will be VERY familiar with their Fiber Supplements. But for those who aren’t or who want to try something new, Pure for Men has a special holiday 6 for $60 Fiber Bundle to gift to others or to stockpile!

Pure for Men’s signature plant-based formula of Psyllium Husk, Aloe Vera, Chia Seeds, and Flaxseed are packed into small (but mighty!) dietary fiber capsules to aid in digestion and, of course, playtime.

The six 60 count bottles make perfect stocking stuffers to help neighbors or ex-boyfriends maintain clean bottoms and Stay Ready for sleighing the bedroom and bathroom!


Pure For Men product bundle


Gifts for Under the Mistletoe

For more intimate gifts, Pure for Men’s Holiday Bundle has everything a man could possibly need for naughty or nice times! It includes the beloved Pure for Men Fiber capsules, a pack of their signature Wipes, their mood-setting candle, and their Bum Balm moisturizer.

Another great long-term gift is the easy-to-install Pure for Men Bidet that can help the receiver save toilet paper and (most importantly) prep time!


Image of a gifted Premium Fiber & Cleanliness Supplement from Pure For Men


The Gifts That Keep on Giving

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving in more ways than one, and Pure for Men is here with holiday bundles and then some!

For gifting or sexual health needs, try Pure for Men’s Dietary Fiber Capsules or Powder, bidet, supplements, and skincare products!

Use our exclusive Pure For Men discount code 'OUTMAG' to save 10% off on plant-based wellness and hygiene products. 

*Codes not valid on bundles or discounted products


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