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Lexus Evolution of Family

The Road Toward Equality is Always Better With Family

Watch Out’s new “Evolution of Family” series, Presented by Lexus.

Directed by Roger Erickson for Out and Lexus.

If there's one thing we've learned this year, it's the importance of quality family time. In today's work-at-home mindset, celebrating each other's achievements and affirming all types of families has never been more crucial, which is why we've chosen to celebrate these stories in a new video series presented by Lexus.

Kayden Coleman and Dominique Glinton

LGBTQ+ families, like any other family, share an incredibly powerful bond that is untethered. Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments the LGBTQ+ community has gained in our fight for equality has been the social progress we've made toward accepting all families for exactly as we are.

By our very nature, LGBTQ+ families break conventions and challenge the status quo. We are dynamic and strong, intentional and gritty, spirituous and devoted, which is why we deserve a car that reflects our own strength like the Lexus GX.

Leanne Pittsford, Evolution of Family

In our series, "The Evolution of Family," Out magazine spoke with two incredible families that reflect the fortitude of the modern LGBTQ+ family today, which continues to evolve with each passing generation.

The roads we take in life define our legacies. Whether smooth, bumpy, or winding, their stories are our stories. Still, no matter who we are or where we come from, the journey is always better with family.

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