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Kayden Coleman and Dominique Glinton

The Evolution of Family: Kayden Coleman & Dominique Glinton

All In The Family 

Directed by Roger Erickson for Out and Lexus.

When Kayden Coleman announced he was pregnant with his second child in July, what should have been a precious moment turned somber after a social media user shared his photo and used it to attack trans people, claiming his pregnancy was somehow an assault on their own definition of womanhood.

But Coleman, a staunch activist and LGBTQ+ care worker, didn't take it sitting down. He ended up launching a GoFundMe campaign to seek legal support in bringing his case to court to set an example for his two daughters: Azalea, 6, and newborn Jurnee.

Coleman and his partner, Dominique Glinton, are proud dads and have used their story as well as their personal journey toward becoming parents as a beacon of inspiration for LGBTQ+ families across the world.

Kayden Coleman and Dominique Glinton

"When I started getting the backlash, it was like two days after I had [Jurnee]," Coleman tells Out. "My first reaction was to be recluse. I wanted to ball up in a corner and hide, but Dominique was like, 'No, get up. This is not you.'"

So, instead of backing down, Coleman stood up. "I ended up getting thousands of followers on Instagram," he says, "All of these positive messages from people, trans men like myself, who never thought they could have a family or thought they were never going to be able to, or whatever the case may be, different people telling me how I inspired them. So that helped me really cope because it was a lot."

Kayden Coleman and Dominique Glinton

"It was a lot," Glinton agrees. "I think my experiences with him taught me [how] to control myself because I'm a protector. With the backlash he was going through, I was always on the defense, like: 'Who's doing it? Who's saying it?' I think it taught me to be patient. It's taught me to be more understanding because it's not our fault that people are ignorant and it's not our fault that they weren't taught certain things."

"At the end of the day, all that matters is my family," Glinton adds.

Get to know Coleman, Glinton, and baby Jurnee in the video above. Learn more at

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