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Lena Waithe Produced This Sexy, Queer AF Music Video for Andy Allo

Lena Waithe Produced This Sexy, Queer AF Music Video for Andy Allo
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Allo, a singer-songwriter who has worked with the likes of Prince, is one to watch.

Very few artists of our time can say they once had the blessing of the legendary Purple One. But Cameroon-born singer-songwriter Andy Allo can.

Allo's debut album in 2009 was titled UnFresh. Two years later, she joined Prince's backing band of musicians, The New Power Generation, as a singer and guitarist. The rest, as they say, is history as the late icon worked with Allo on her second album, the funk and soul Superconductor, which hit No. 4 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. A master of many genres, Allo's latest single, "Angels Make Love," traffics in a sultry, neo-soul world.

"'Angels Make Love' [is] about those first moments when you're intimate with someone you are deeply attracted to and falling for," she says. "When I wrote this song, I wanted to capture the anticipation, the excitement, and the nerves that happen in that moment."

The video, which Out is premiering, is directed by Sean Frank and features a number of couples, Black and brown, queer and otherwise, lovingly and vulnerably embracing each other. Prolific writer and actress Lena Waithe signed on as a producer of the video after witnessing Allo sing the track live.

"This song moved me because Andy was so vulnerable on stage," Waithe tells Out. "She was obviously sharing something with the audience she hadn't shared with the world yet. I felt like I was witnessing something special. And I was.

"I told her she should shoot a music video for it and she was hesitant at first, but when I told her I'd produce it, she was down."

Ahead of the video premiere, which you can watch below, we caught up with Allo to talk more about her sound, the inspiration for "Angels Make Love," and working with Waithe.

For folks not yet familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

If you're new, welcome to the family! I feel like for each chapter of my life I have released a record. It's like the soundtrack to my life and musical journey. Each of my records tells a story of where I was at the time from soul, funk, pop-rock to now. I think there's something for everyone.

What was the inspiration for the "Angels Make Love" video?

I really credit the director, Sean Frank, for his vision. We worked together to create a piece of art that would complement the song in a simple, yet powerful way. We feature real couples in the video, some who just started dating and others who've been together for a while. There is such power in the different stages of their love and we wanted share that.

One thing I noticed is that you included so many different Black bodies and types of relationships. Why was that important to you?

Whether it be race, sexuality, or other aspects, the point of this video was to showcase the diverse ways in which love can manifest. Just because you look a certain way doesn't make you any less worthy of love nor does loving the same sex make your love any less valid. We all deserve to feel wanted and loved. Unfortunately, there is still a cultural stigma for LGBTQ+ people, particularly those of color, so the video is also meant to shine a bright light on the beauty of that love.

What do you hope you're bringing that is new or fresh to audiences?

This song is a new sound for me, which I'm really excited to explore. With that said, I think it will make an excellent addition to anyone's night mix. I hope to bring songs and videos that are great to listen to and watch, but which also have a message. This particular song I hope to impart a message of love, acceptance, and inclusivity.

What was it like working with Lena?

Working with her was such a pleasure and her hearing the song the first time I ever played it live and believing in it right away means so much to me.

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