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Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski is Serving Up 'Beats to Burn the Treats'


Living well is about balance. Enjoying nights of culinary decadence and working to burn it all off the following morning, so set down the spatula and prepare for the workout of your lives. Whether you're going solo or doing a group fitness class with your best buds, these 15 songs will push you to your limits — and break through them. 

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The playlist starts out with "Creepers," a track which is equal parts anticipatory drum-roll and get-that-heart rate-up. It sets the tone for bass-fueled pop and electronic beats that just make me wanna push, pull and move. I also take credit for introducing this Kid Cudi classic to my fab brothers during our long rides to meet the heroes across Georgian highways. 

I love me some strong female pop vocalists, especially Gwen Stefani. I can’t say I haven’t daydreamed being in a music video with her dressed head-to-toe in Opening Ceremony outfits. She’s so damn cool and bombshell gorgeous, with punk roots, I just can’t deal.

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The list continues with a balance of high bass power pop and edgier electronica. Even when working out I like to maintain a moody, darker vibe. TV on the Radio reminds me of my rock inclinations while Frank Ocean makes me yearn for my cool-kid, or attempt at, youth. Madonna ramps up for the last set of planks while Beyoncé reels it all in with her soothing confidence.

What are you waiting for? Press play and work it out so you can enjoy that decadent dinner tonight.

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