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Alyssa Edwards Will be the Head Counselor of an Adult Three-Day Sleepaway Camp

Alyssa Edwards Will be the Head Counselor of an Adult Three-Day Sleepaway Camp

Camp Tazo from Alyssa Edwards

We got the tea on Camp Tazo from Alyssa Edwards. 

Imagine this: Alyssa Edwards as your camp counselor. She's in full drag - big hair, 6-inch heels and face beat for the gods - roasting smores with you in the middle of the woods while sharing some of the many life lessons she's gleaned in her illustrious career.

Sounds like a dream you may have had, but this dream can become a reality.

Hot off her success from her Netflix docu-series, Dancing Queen, Alyssa Edwards wants to continue inspiring by hosting Camp Tazo.

Partnering with the tea brand, Camp Tazo will be open for anyone 18 years and older. You can apply here, and if selected to attend, it will be an all expenses paid trip.

While the final camp activities are still being curated with Alyssa's input, Camp Tazo will offer a mix of classic camp bonding activities including hiking, cooking, and campfire sing-alongs that each feature unexpected twists. You can also expect to participate in some activities that lean into Alyssa's specific expertise, such as dancing, fashion, and even "tongue pop 101."

The goal of the camp is to get people to step outside their comfort zones.


OUT spoke to Alyssa Edwards to find out why she decided to partner with Tazo for a fabulous camping experience.

OUT: Why did you decide to work with Tazo?

"Well, before I get to that, let me tell you something. I started doing drag because I was very intrigued by the artistry, but it wasn't until I put on my first wig, did all the insecurities, doubts, and fears I had as Justin diminish. Drag empowered me by taking me out of my comfort zone.

As a dancer at a very young age, I was also taken out of my comfort zone, and it helped me become who I am.


So then this Tazo campaign came across my desk, and in order to be a part of anything, I have to believe in it. It was really unexpected. I knew of Tazo and the tea, but thought, what is this? But when I started pulling back the layers and speaking to Tazo, [I realized] this is a collaboration. This is an all-inclusive brand that sought me out because they recognized how drag empowered me. And they were like, how can we use [Alyssa] to help other people step outside of their comfort zone?

So how this all ties together is that drag took Justin out of his comfort zone, so why not create a camp where I can help people step outside of their comfort zone? [I want to] take people out of their daily lives and discover a new part of themselves. So this is the perfect campaign for me and my character.


Oh, and honey, I went to the campground in full drag - Texas-sized drag. Now just think on that for a second, okay? [At first] I was like, I don't know how to do this. What if an alligator jumps in the van? What if my hair is too heavy and I sink to the bottom of whatever it is I'm jumpin' in. But then I remembered, this is what it's all about: stepping outside of your comfort zone.

At the end of the day, I want the people at this camp to leave with more than a selfie and a few giggles; I want them to leave having found a new voice - feeling inspired and motivated."

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