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Cookin’ with YAS! Two Queens in a Kitchen Season 2 Premiere

two queens in a kitchen

Two Queens in a Kitchen is one of the most brilliantly straightforward titles you’re likely to hear. It’s well, just that: A “turn-to-relevance” cooking show featuring pairs of Chicago queens and queers discussing family, home, politics, culture, and art while making a healthy snack.

2QIK debuts its second season today on Open TV, a web series platform empowering queer, trans, and cis-women artists of color to produce and distribute indie series, such as the recently Emmy-nominated Brown Girls.

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The second season explores topics like the power of intersectional feminism, how to seek moments of pleasure in hostile climates, and the inter-workings of pursuing joy as a marginalized person―over banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, tossed chicken salad, and strawberry bruschetta.

In the season’s first episode (below) 2QIK creator/director Elijah McKinnon and Open TV founder Aymar Jean Christian chat about creating Open TV, claiming space, and the future of artistic incubation in the digital age all while making a fresh avocado salad and some fruity boozy concoctions.  

The second season of Two Queens in a Kitchen premieres today July 18 at 5pm (ET) on OpenTV, but check out the first episode ahead of the premiere, right here:

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