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OUT's Favorite Movies of 2017 (VIDEO)

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Recently, a friend told me he felt that 2017 was a bad year for movies. I see a fraction of the films I used to see as a full-time critic, but even within that fraction, this year, I'd have to disagree. Whether emboldened by an oppressive political climate, Moonlight's path to Oscar glory, a fatigue of intolerance, or any of the above, the movies I saw in the past 12 months showed me a growing wealth of diversity being poured out into our culture.

From the surprise of female-led box-office hits like Wonder Woman and Girls Trip to the satisfaction of queer critical smashes like Call Me by Your Name, I saw hope for what Hollywood (and cinema at large) might just be: A medium and a machine that actually has the guts to make risky art that can change minds—and even change the future. Maybe that's not just a film projector behind you; maybe it's a light shining toward the end of a tunnel.



Lady Bird


Paris 5:59: Théo & Hugo

Get Out

Endless Poetry


Blade Runner: 2049

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Videography and Editing by Saskia de Borchgrave

Assistant: Tove Byrne

Clips courtesy of films / YouTube

Featured article image: Sony Pictures Classics (A Fantastic Woman)

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