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Unpacking Amiyah Scott's Star Power

Unpacking Amiyah Scott's Star Power

Amiyah Gray
Photography: Tommy Garcia

“Cotton is a hustler,” Amiyah Scott says of her character on the new Fox show Star.

"Cotton is a hustler," Amiyah Scott says of her character on the new Fox show Star, director-producer Lee Daniels's musical follow-up to Empire. "She knows how to get things done." In the pilot episode, the savvy salon receptionist -- who works for the "godmother" (Queen Latifah) of the title character (Jude Demorest) and her girl-group bandmates (Brittany O'Grady and Ryan Destiny) -- empowers the aspiring trio to venture into a gentlemen's club, their only direct route to a major talent manager (Benjamin Bratt). "The girls look to Cotton as a big sister, and the way her story unfolds is gonna break down so many barriers," says Scott, one of the few trans actresses on television playing a trans character. "I'm anxious to see this light shined on a community that hasn't really been pushed to the forefront."

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Born in New York and raised in New Orleans, Scott made headlines last year following her departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a move that sparked media speculation about producer clashes and trans exploitation (the 28-year-old claims the reports were "exaggerated" and that she forged "great relationships"). Despite Daniels's camp leanings, Cotton feels far from exploitative, and Scott was grateful to be a part of telling her community's stories, especially the tougher ones -- in that same episode, Cotton is a victim of a hate crime. "I've been very close to individuals who've been harmed or killed," Scott says. "Thankfully, I've never been harmed terribly, but I look at trans people as one. And though I haven't dealt with what some of my sisters have, I'm fighting the same fight."

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