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Yes, There Is Such a Thing as an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Destination

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Destination


The caterer has been paid. The vows have been said. The rings have been exchanged. Next up — the honeymoon.

For many LGBT newlyweds, the honeymoon is an extravagant escape, a time to relax after the stresses of wedding planning and family wrangling. It's an opportunity to spend quality time with the one you love, before heading back to the real world of careers, family, friends and the routine of married life. While many couples opt for beach vacations or European getaways, one hotel is making a case for a new kind of celebration -- the eco-friendly honeymoon.


As with many European coastal destinations, Italy's Amalfi Coast is a hotspot for LGBT travelers and honeymooners. The hotel Il San Pietro di Positano is nestled among this picturesque coastline, providing the ultimate destination for newlyweds seeking a slice of post-wedding luxury. With its private beach, spectacular views, deluxe suites and secluded atmosphere, Il San Pietro di Positano is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Opened in 1970 by Carlino Cinque, the hotel has been family-run ever since. It's been host to countless celebrities, colorful photo spreads and has enjoyed spots on lists detailing the best hotels in the world. It's ideal location (halfway between Mediterranean coast and the Monti Lattari Mountains) and classic style make it a popular destination for guests looking for true Italian hospitality. But it's not just about history and tradition. In fact, the Cinque family is dedicated to bringing modern conveniences and constant improvements to the hotel. From updated suites to blooming gardens, the Cinque family is never content with the status quo. This dedication to quality shows, leaving guests breathless and ready for multiple stays.


In keeping with their commitment to a premier hotel experience, the property recently went through a nine-month renovation, specifically focused on the world-class fine-dining restaurant, Zass. Now a lavish two-story space, this $3.2 million eco-kitchen features state-of-the-art equipment, from temperature-controlled countertops to refrigerators that generate energy and heat water for the entire hotel, officially making it the most environmentally friendly kitchen in the world.


All this attention to detail is well worth it. In 2002, the restaurant was awarded a coveted Michelin star. Today, Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker's menu is a delectable combination of innovative flavors and traditional Italian ingredients. Many of his creations rely on produce from the property's gardens, as well as local growers. "My aim is to enhance the existing product," he says. "I have great respect for the ingredients." And guests seem to agree, eagerly reserving tables with unforgettable Mediterranean views and splurging on a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Fine dining and eco-friendly energy aren't the only things produced by Zass. Each of the property's five pastry chefs hit the kitchens at 4:30 every morning, making hundreds of mouthwatering croissants, pain au chocolats and Danish-style pastries. Even better, these delightful treats are made with the kitchen's own sourdough starter, the same used every morning, continually reproducing and regenerating after each pastry-making regimen.


With only 56 rooms, it's no wonder Il San Pietro di Positano is known for its intimacy and seclusion. But the elegance doesn't stop there. Within each suite guests will find exquisite tiled detailing, carefully selected furnishings and unprecedented views of the breaking waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the luxury suites even have private elevators and Jacuzzi tubs, for those seeking the epitome of Italian indulgence.


With a relaxing night's sleep in a stunning suite and an unforgettable meal at a world-class eco-friendly restaurant, what's next for Il San Pietro di Positano guests? The private beach, of course. The only nearby hotel to feature it's own beach, guests are treated to yet another restaurant experience, as well as a seaside bar for afternoon cocktails or evening nightcaps. For those feeling adventurous, a walking path leads from the hotel to the shore; for others, a convenient elevator transports guests to stunning views of the crystal-clear cove and pebbly beach.

If you're called by the mesmerizing sea, you're in luck. The Il San Pietro di Positano has its own yacht, affectionately called Joey. This Morgan 44 private yacht can be charted by guests for half or full days -- the perfect way to explore the world-famous Amalfi Coast and the nearby Gulf of Naples.


No matter where your honeymoon travels may take you, don't forget about Il San Pietro di Positano. With its stunning views, exclusive setting, environmentally friendly facilities, private amenities and Italian hospitality, it offers everything newlyweds could hope for in a romantic destination.

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