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Young Girl Writes the Perfect Response to a Homophobic Grandmother

Young Girl Writes Perfect Response to Bigoted Grandmother

A nine-year-old girl wrote a touching letter to a gay man and his husband on the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands, showing at least one hateful person what the meaning of love and acceptance really is.

Dits Preece of Alderney had appeared on ITV’s local Pride television coverage over the weekend, prompting one resident to anonymously post a hateful short missive to the couple. When the local community heard of the letter, they responded with a letter-writing campaign of their own, including one from a concerned girl who wanted to let Preece know he was “amazing” and that everyone was equal in her eyes.

“How could somebody be so rude?” the unnamed girl wrote to Preece. “I think whoever wrote this appalling letter is so insensitive.”

The young girl then went on to give a primer to her prejudiced fellow islander, saying they need to consider the feelings of others and that “everyone is equal no matter what.”

Young Girl Writes Perfect Response to Bigoted Grandmother

The sage grammar school student had some advice for Preece as well, saying he “should feel proud to be gay and go on television” and to “ignore what negative people say” about his marriage “because they are wrong!”

The letter to which the girl referred had been sent anonymously to Preece. Its author complained that Preece’s appearance with his husband on the news had so disturbed her along with her husband and their grandson that she said it put the trio “off our tea.” After hurling another bigoted insult and displaying some disturbing grandparenting skills, the author closed her letter by advising Preece he and his husband “looked like a joke” and unhelpfully suggesting they “try being in a circus.”

Young Girl Writes Perfect Response to Bigoted Grandmother

The young girl had a perfect response to the hateful letter-writer, advising her that she “should say positives things about you two because you are amazing!”

She closed her letter with a final few words of encouragement for Preece and his husband: “I support you all the way!”

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