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Pebbles LaDime Doe Is 14th Black Trans Woman Murdered in 2019


Because she was misgendered and deadnamed, it’s taken a few days to identify her as trans.

Just days after the news surrounding Kiki Fantroy's death went national, reports are now indicating that Pebbles LaDime Doe, a Black trans woman living in South Carolina, has become the 14th trans woman murdered in 2019. This new news makes Doe the fourth Black trans woman murdered in South Carolina since 2018, leading SC Equality to declare an "absolute state of emergency for Black transgender women," recommending legislation that would protect this community.

Doe was found dead inside a vehicle on August 4th in a driveway in Allendale County. While police have not released details, in the local press, her obituary, and in comments from close family, Doe has been deadnamed and misgendered, which has led to a lag in identifying her as trans.

"While our community is still reeling from the murder of one of our transgender sisters in North Charleston just two weeks ago, we now learn that a second black trans woman has been mudered not even one hundred miles away," the Alliance for Full Aceptance said in a statement. "While the motives of [LaDime]'s murder aren't yet known, we do know that often, the crimes against trans women of color are fueled by anti-LGBTQ prejudice, racism, and misogyny. Black trans women live at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities, are too often treated as disposable, and are experiencing epidemic levels of violence." The organization described the situation as a state of emergency,

SC Equality did the same in their statement naming Doe, Denali Berries Stuckey, Sasha Wall, and Regina Denise Brown as the four Black trans women murdered in South Carolina since 2018. They also point out that the state is "one of only five states in the U.S. with NO Hate Crimes Law protecting transgender citizens." According to them, Doe's mother is "discouraged that none of the media seemed to be aware" of the death. In reports, other family members have also questioned the investigation process.

"I'm just wondering why the investigation is taking such a slow process with giving [LaDime's mother] information that other sources are getting that we are seeing on Facebook or other websites that have articles and stuff about [her] that I'm just not fond of," her aunt Rhonda Doe told NewsChannel 6.

There will be a funeral service held in Allendale for the 24 year old on August 10.

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