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This HIV-Prevention Program Uses a Video Game to Help Reduce STI Rates

New Program for HIV Prevention

It’s true that sex education in school is seriously lacking – even for straight people. But when it comes to queer folks, gaining knowledge about safe sex in traditional classrooms is basically obsolete. As NBC News also reported, Northwestern came up with a program, called Keep It Up!, which is designed for men who have sex with men, aimed to teach them how to lower their risk of getting STIs and HIV.

The program has reduced sexually transmitted infections by 40 percent for its users, according to its website.

The program is made up of videos which include soap operas and video games.

We start by hearing stories of other young men,” said Brian Mustanski, the Northwestern Medicine Director at The Institute for Sexual and Minority Health and Wellbeing, in a video about the program (below). Mustanski said a positive about the program is the ability users have to engage with it – you’re not being fed information, but rather interacting with it.

You can learn more about the online program here.

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