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This Housewives Ex-Husband and NFL Star Is Getting $3M After Rumors Spread That He Was Gay


Kordell Stewart, a former NFL quarterback, who was also married to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams, is taking legal action to uncover $3 million in damages owed to him following a lawsuit after people spread rumors about his sexual orientation, Attitude reports.

According to this piece, Stewart spent a great length of time battling rumors that he was gay after Andrew “Delivert” Caldwell said he “hooked up with him and bought him cars, purses, and other gifts.”

Caldwell apparently eventually took back his statements, but Stewart sued Caldwell as well as Catalyst Next LLC (the company who owned the internet show he was part of) for damages of upwards of $4.5 million.

Because neither of the parties bothered to answer the lawsuit, Stewart was then granted a default judgment of $1.5 million in general damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages. Caldwell hasn't paid, so Stewart has now filed paperwork to register the $3 million he won in the lawsuit.

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