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I Watched Gaga: Five Foot Two and I Have a Lot of Questions

I Watched Gaga: Five Foot Two and I Have a Lot of Questions

I Watched 'Gaga: Five Foot Two' and I Have a Lot of Questions

How many pairs of denim cutoffs does Lady Gaga own?

Gaga: Five Foot Two debuted Friday on Netflix, finally giving us an inside view of Lady Gaga's world during the recording of Joanne all the way through her Super Bowl Half Time show.

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While the film gave a rare look at Gaga's day-to-day life, from her struggle with chronic pain to the dissolution of her engagement, it still left a lot of fans -- namely, me--with a lot of questions.

1. How tall is Lady Gaga?

2. Is Lady Gaga in love with Mark Ronson?

3. How many pairs of denim cutoffs does Lady Gaga own?

4. Does Gaga's creative team have an exact measurement for how short her crop tops must be to show optimal underboob?

5. Why did Gaga and former fiancee Taylor Kinney call it quits? He's alluded to a few times during Five Foot Two but Gaga never really speaks about what led to their breakup. Also, the moment where she gets his flowers the day of the Super Bowl is so awkward.

6. Why was the montage where Gaga's past looks were juxtaposed with her Joanne uniform so shady?

7. Why is Gaga so hung up on her aunt Joanne? When she played her grandma the title track from her album, the Germonatta matriarch was very "Girl, why are you so pressed?" Grandma seemed seriously underwhelmed.

8. Was Joanne even a real person? I'm honestly still not convinced.

9. Is the real reason behind Gaga's stripped-back, country-leaning Joanne era that the artist knew her fibromyalgia wouldn't allow her to maintain the intensity of a full-on dance album when it came time to tour?

10. Was Gaga's hip Madonna's final revenge?

11. Is it really hard to be Lady Gaga's friend? It seems like she is an incredibly intense person, superstar or not.

12. Can homegirl cool it on the bleach? Her hair is looking fried and destroyed.

13. How emotional and artistic was the impetus behind Gaga's Joanne era and how calculated was it? By my estimate, Gaga -- after flopping with Artpop, her most outrageous album to date -- toned down her weirdo sensibilities and recorded a radio-friendly country-leaning pop record that pandered to mainstream America. This led to her booking the Super Bowl and selling out her world tour, reclaiming her place as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Hmmm...

14. Is she actually going to be billed as Stefani Germonatta for A Star is Born, because that is extra. Imagine someone saying, "And the Oscar goes to... Stefani Germonatta." I know this wasn't actually mentioned in the documentary, but it's a really pressing issue for me.

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