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Scientists Have Invented Millennial Pink Chocolate

Barry callebaut

Scientists have created a new kind of chocolate that's a very fun shade of millennial pink, The Sun reports.

This isn't some gross strawberry sugar flavoring, either. This is a real new type of chocolate—like milk, or dark, or white. It's called "Ruby," and it was invented by a chocolate factory named Barry Callebaut. Ruby is the first new type of chocolate to be invented since white chocolate was created by the Swiss in the '30s.

A spokesperson for Callebaut told The Sun that Ruby tastes like "a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness" and is "so light and fruity you don't really realise you're gobbling up one chocolate the other, so it means consumers will be able to eat more of it than other types of conventional chocolate. Whether this a good or bad thing depends on your point of view."

No colours or berry extracts are added to the chocolate—instead, a special Ruby Cocoa bean is used, in addition to combinations of milk, white and dark all in one. 

It's crucial to note that this new chocolate will be easier to consume in large binges, while absentmindedly watching TV—both dangerous and exhiliarating news to hear. 

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