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Gay Vultures in Dutch Zoo Successfully Hatch an Egg

Griffon Vulture, Amsterdam, Dutch, Zoo, Gay Animals
Associated Press

It’s a big step, but the couple seems ready for it. 

A pair of male griffon vultures in an Amsterdam zoo finally got to take the next step in their relationship and have a child together.

According to BBC, the vultures were in a long-standing relationship and, after being given an abandoned egg by zoo staffers and caring for it for two months, were able to successfully hatch it. "We have had them for some years," zookeeper Job van Tol told BBC, "they always build a nest together, bond and mate together." Tol added that the fathers are "a very tight couple" and are doing a stellar job rearing their new chick.

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The egg, which no other vultures would adopt, was first cared for in an incubator before being placed in the male pairing's nest. "It was a bit of a risk as we had no guarantees of success," said Tol, "but we thought, finally, this is their chance."

At least nature has the right idea when it comes to recognizing and honoring Pride month.

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