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Australian Private School Implements Gender-Neutral School Uniform Code

Photo via @ShaunaColnan

“We are letting kids be who they are."

The International Grammar School in Sydney, Australia has announced it will begin implementing gender-neutral uniform codes.

"It's almost like for those students who do identify as far more gender fluid, the uniform has been a refreshing way for them to identify that," IGS principal Shauna Colnan told Gay Star News. "It was really a no brainer for us, we can't continue to have this heteronormative standard in our uniform."

The decision came after male-born students began wearing girls' uniforms to class, and vice versa. Students identifying as gender-fluid began coming to their teachers asking about dress codes, which prompted them to request the admininstration consider a new policy. Now, with the updated uniform codes, IGS students can wear their choice of pants, skirt and tie to class.

"We are letting kids be who they are," Colnan said. "We agreed it would be best to equip students for the world... to empower students and letting them be who they are without restrictions."

And the principal of our dreams also shared this picture over Twitter, cementing her status as LGBTQ educator icon:

In the UK, ungendered uniform policies were implemented last year across 80 different public schools.

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