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Texas Sports Anchor on Trans Wrestler Mack Beggs: 'He Needs Our Support'

Texas Sports Anchor on Trans Wrestler Mack Beggs: 'He Needs Our Support'

Texas Sports Anchor

Watch Dale Hansen's deeply powerful broadcast. 

What a concept: A straight white cis man understanding what LGBTQ people are really asking for.

Texan sports anchor Dale Hansen responded perfectly to the news of 17-year-old trans wrestler Mack Beggs, who was forced to compete in the girl's state wrestling league, despite identifying as a man and taking testosterone. After winning the state title, parents and other competitors called the results unfair and blamed Beggs, even though he wanted to compete against fellow boys, not girls.

In Hansen's reponse, he sums up what trans people have all been asking for and touched on what cisgender people can do to help their cause: "Maybe I just hoped that in 2017, we would be done arguing about birth certificates, but obviously we're not," Hansen said. "Somebody has to find a better answer than what we're being given now."

Hansen continues, saying, "Transitioning is a struggle I cannot imagine. It is a journey I could not make. The problems that Mack Beggs is facing and dealing with now reminds me again that I don't have any problems. He needs our support, and he does not need a group of old men in Austin telling him who to wrestle because of a genetic mix-up at birth. He's a child, simply looking for his place in the world, and a chance to compete in the world."

The anchor admirably admitted he may not fully understand trans people, but he does understand that they are a part of his world--our world. Watch the deeply powerful broadcast, below.

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