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Papa John's Really Wants You to Know They Don't Support White Supremacy

Papa John's
AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

But they also don't support NFL protests, which are about racial equality. 

Papa John's pizzas are a bit like a holiday fruitcake: nobody really likes them and they're almost exclusively gifted to you by one of your racist relatives. While the company seems pretty chill about their products tasting like cardboard, they're really trying hard to clean up their image after the white supremacists at the Daily Stormer publicized their support for the "official pizza of the alt-right."

If you're asking yourself how white supremacy got lost in the sauce of the pizza chain, it all goes back to those NFL protests for racial equality that people like Mike Pence just couldn't bear to witness. Papa John's CEO John Schnatter (who may or may not go by Papa) recently blamed the declining sales for his subpar slices on the NFL's national anthem protests.

The good news is that his whining and tone deaf response to legitimate protests over racial equality turned into a small sales bump for the pizza chain. The bad news, of course, is that this bump came from literal Nazis. The Daily Stormer even created a graphic of a pizza with a swastika made of pepperonis. "This might be the first time ever in modern history that a major institution is going to be completely destroyed explicitly because of public outrage over their anti-White agenda," Daily Stormer writer Adrian Sol wrote.

In response to this declaration of love for their paltry pizza slices, Papa John's has decided to publicly declare that they're not supporters of white supremacy, despite their aversion to seeing football players protest the treatment of people of color in America.

"We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it," Peter Collins, senior director of public relations at Papa John's, told Courier Journal. "We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza." We've got a feeling this is just going to dig them even further into the deep dish of controversy they waded into when they blamed their lagging sales on NFL protests.

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