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The 'Do Better Box' Will Bring Activism Offline

Do Better Box

"Activism shouldn’t start and end with a hashtag."

Subscription boxes are all the rage, and a new startup is joining in on the craze to fight for social justice. The Do Better Box is a subscription box service at the intersection between activism and apparel. Their mission is to tackle apathy and lack of productive conversation in the age of social media, and to integrate social responsibility into the choices we make every day, starting with what we wear.

Each box, sent out in five-week intervals, actively supports a different human rights and environmental cause (fighting systemic racism, women's rights, trans rights, gay rights, and climate change), and makes an impact through action, education, and exposure.


They all come with an explanation of the contents and which cause it supports; a bold statement shirt meant to spark a conversation; talking points to help you discuss the cause; a list of resources to help you dig deeper and educate yourself about the cause; and one item that helps turn ideas into action so you can continue to be a better advocate in your daily life.

"Activism shouldn't start and end with a hashtag," says co-founder Danny Rothschild. "We can all do better, and we can start with t-shirts that not only say something, but do something too."

The startup recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, running now through November 1st, to support their first year of production. For a $30 contribution, they'll send your senator a shirt with one clear message: "Do better." Because let's be real, they could do better.

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