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Chris Salvatore Shares Inspiring Story of Caring for His 89-Year-Old Neighbor

Chris Salvatore

A major news outlight has interviewed a gay actor about his selfless kindness toward his elderly neighbor.

NBC Nightly News recently caught up with Chris Salvatore, who appeared in the Eating Out films and is a model and fashion designer, and his neighbor-turned-roommate Norma Cook. Cook, 89, has been diagnosed with leukemia and requires almost around-the-clock care.

That's when Salvatore, 31, asked his longtime friend and neighbor to move in with him. He's posted pictures of the adorable pair on Instagram, and Cook has appeared in several of his web videos

He leveraged his online following to start a crowdfunding page for Cook to cover her medical expenses so she could continue to live with him, instead of a county facility.

In the Nightly News report, Cook says that Salvatore "has been such a big help to me."

Because I love you," Salvatore says. Replies Cook: "And I love you."

Watch the heart-warming clip below.

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