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This Couple is Taking #TwoMenKissing to the Next Level, One Kiss a Day

Denis Farr
Instagram @significant.otter

Fighting hate with love, one day at a time.

Like many, Chicago gay man Denis Farr was deeply disturbed by the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in early June. He was moved to start posting pictures of himself kissing boyfriend Pete Eusch on Instagram, which they have done every single day since June 13, the day after the shooting took place.

"If posting these will normalize #gay and #samesex love, I will keep doing it," Farr wrote in the caption to his first Instagram photo of the pair locking lips. True to his word, Farr's instagram page is a beautiful mosaic of romantic and intimate moments of the pair in loving embraces. His intention is to keep going until he has 365 kissing photos.

These and other photos have given rise to the trending #TwoMenKissing hashtag, which started out as a direct response to the reports that the Orlando killer was offended by images of two men kissing. Since then, it has grown into something even larger, underscoring the dire need for more images of romance and healthy intimacy between same-sex couples in the general media and society at large.

Farr has noted that sometimes, even in a city as progressive as Chicago, a photo of the two men kissing isn't considered appropriate or welcome. "There are moments when Pete and I will just pause and exchange a moment of acknowledgment that we may be in a place where we may not be safe," he told The Daily Beast. "It's that internal safety indicator that I'm assuming most minorities experience."

While some of their photos have been taken at home, it is precisely for the reason of visibility that most of their photos have been snapped in public, from coffee shops to the beach.

Take a look at Farr's Instagram page, and stay tuned for lots more kissing photos--hopefully, another ten months' worth.

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