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Raymond Braun Talks ‘Respect,’ ‘Validation’ for LGBTs at DNC

Raymond Braun Chelsea Clinton
Courtesy of Logo

The Out100 honoree and Logo's election correspondent spoke with Chelsea Clinton and other delegates on how the party has evolved significantly on LGBT rights.

Raymond Braun sat in a nearby media tent--"trying to cool off," he said, laughing.

The YouTuber and Out100 honoree had paced the floor of the Democratic National Convention, talking with delegates and speakers alike. He spoke in an enthusiastic rush as he detailed his talk with Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, before she planned to speak Thursday evening.

"Chelsea has been such an inspiring force in the party and in her family for LGBT equality," he told Out. "She described to me how personal conversations about LGBT equality--conversations around the dinner table with her parents--played an important role in their evolution on marriage equality and LGBT rights.."

Braun attended the convention as Logo's election correspondent. He is covering the political developments and their impact on the LGBT community with interviews on Logo's social media and

Excitement filled his voice as he detailed the convention's LGBT presence and significance.

"You really feel the power of personal stories here," he said. "Elected officials have made the effort to get to know LGBT people. Their support is all rooted in human stories and human narratives."

That feeling culminated during the LGBT caucus, where Braun said "they ran out of credentials--it was standing-room only" and the room was "bursting at the seams" with attendees and supporters.

While the warm was welcome, Braun reminded the LGBT community that they need to do their part by heading to the poll in November.

"We want the LGBTQ community informed about what's at stake in our community. The contrasts [between the two parties] are so clear," he said. "We need to get educated on the issues and put pressure on elected officials. We represent a greater number of people than any margin of victory in any election. That's powerful."

Listen to Braun's interview with none other than Montel Williams earlier in the convention.

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