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Exclusive: Ellen Page Gets Emotional About Orlando Tragedy on Chelsea


Ellen Page recently joined Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show, Chelsea. In response to the Orlando tragedy, the women discussed access to guns and gun violence.

Though many pro-gun conservatives argue that a ban on guns violates the Second Amendment, Handler raises an essential point: “These are assault weapons, she says. "Having the Second Amendment shouldn’t supersede your right to go out to a dance club and have a good night. You shouldn’t have to be armed.”

Page—who's the traveled worldwide to investigate homophobia in Viceland's Gaycationthen brought audiences’ attention back to another piercing fact about the Orlando shooting: this was an attack on LGBT people.

“The reality is violence towards LGBT people is a common thing…[it’s] constantly creating a poisonous environment,” Page says. “It leads towards people hating themselves, towards people being violent towards one another, towards bullying, abuse. It really needs to stop. People are really, really struggling and they deserve to live freely and love freely and not be afraid.”

Watch the exclusive clip below:

This episode of Chelsea will be available to watch on Netflix starting at 12:01 AM/PST Thursday morning.

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