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Parliament of Chad Calls for Criminalization of Homosexuality


A new measure passed by the parliament of Chad calls for the criminalization of homosexuality. It was a unanimous decision with only one MP voting against it, 111 for it, and four abstaining.

The ban was originally proposed in 2014 as a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The new measure categorizes homosexuality as a misdemeanor, calling for a fine or suspended prison sentence. This will make Chad the 77th country to criminalize homosexuality unless President Idriss Déby vetoes the bill.

Former Prime Minister Delwa Kassiré Coumakoye supports the law as a fair compromise:

“Homosexuality is condemned by all religions. We do not have to forgive something that God himself rejects because Westerners have said this or that… The current provision of the Penal Code is a fair balance between conservative public opinion and an uncompromising international community on the protection of minorities.”

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