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Dear Aliens: Episode 4, Putting It Out There

Dear Aliens: Episode 4, Putting It Out There


Dear Aliens: Episode 4, the one in which Jeffery Self gets back up on stage for a little dread and a bunch of delight

Dear Intergalactic Friends,

I've been thinking. Does Gravity translate for y'all? Specifically Sandra Bullock's hair cut. Some questions might never be answered. The question of whether I could find myself strangely attracted to a woman, however, was. Sandra Bullock is HOT in Gravity. Anyway.

Last night I did a show all by myself in a little theater on Melrose for a room full of mostly gay people, and most of them friends. It was scary, exciting, fun, frustrating, and awesome. Performing live is one of these things that I continuously vow to never do again and then end up doing. Like watching Serendipity. HEYO! That was a joke by the way, aliens. "Serendipity" is an easy punch line but the fact of the matter is it's a pretty fantastic movie and I'll stand by that.

The live thing is such a weird sensation. I dread it and look forward to it all at once. Then it happens and even while it's happening I go back and forth between having a good time and bad time. The good times
being the moments I feel effortlessly interesting and funny, the bad being the moments where I don't.

I reckon that's a bit like life. It's kind of easy to wanna give up if you don't get a laugh on some line about Rita Wilson that you thought you'd get (that's hypothetical by the way, my Rita Wilson stuff always lands). However, you jump that hurdle and then there's another swimming pool with margaritas and chips and salsa... or a big laugh or round of applause, which feels like all those things.

All in all it felt neat to take a risk and put myself out there again. I've been feeling like I'm putting a little bit of myself into the actual world, more and more every day and that's an exciting feeling. Aliens, remember this. The bad stuff that happens has to happen or else the good stuff won't ever be noticed. I'm noticing that sort of thing again. And it feels cool.

I'm off to the Griffith Observatory Planetarium Show to learn about space. I'll report back with my findings next week. I just can't get enough of you guys.

Until next time.

JEFFERY SELF is the author of 50 Shades of Gay and Straight People. He was the co-star of the sketch comedy series, Jeffery & Cole Casserole on Logo. You can view his blog and follow him on Twitter at @Jefferyself.

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