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Jari Jones - Dating Prep
Dating PrEP

Jari Jones: 'Dating Queer People Is an Act of Resistance'

Actress and model Jari Jones share how self-love is one of the most important ways to prep for a date in Out's Dating Prep series.

The following interview is part of Out's Dating PrEP series, in which notable experts from various fields offer advice on how to prepare for date. Watch the full series on

Jari Jones is a happily taken woman. The actress, model, and producer has been dating her partner for three years, and it’s been the relationship she’s always looked for.

“It’s definitely one of the most profound relationships I’ve ever been in,” Jari starts. “I’ve been understood and cared for in a way that is just wholesome.”

But even though Jari has been monogamous with her partner doesn’t mean she still doesn’t prep for her dates. But a lot of what she does before a date is mostly self-care so that she’s fully bringing herself at her best whenever she’s out.

“I think my self-care as a trans woman differs from other people in the community,” Jari admits. “In the morning time I’m making sure I’m centering myself and that I have the best outfit for me. I’m making sure I’m taking care of my mental and sexual health; I’m taking my PrEP! I feel like when I check off those things from my list, I’m able to go out in the world and be my best self,” Jari shares.

It’s that kind of self-care that Jari suggests for anyone preparing to go out on a date. And another thing is to remember, especially being a part of the LGBTQ+ community that you deserve to date and find a partner.

“I feel like it’s tough. People have told us that the way we live and who we love, how we want to show up, is wrong. But I have found that dating queer people is an act of resistance that we are worthy of love,” Jari says brightly.

That type of self-care and choice to love oneself makes one a superhero in Jari’s eyes, it makes herself feel that way. And when preparing for a date, isn’t that the best way to feel?

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