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Dating Prep

Out is continuing its viral series on dating in the queer community. In Dating PrEP season 3, LGBTQ+ figures like model and actress Jari Jones, musician Mad Tsai, personal development coach Carson Tueller, and musician VINCINT share helpful dating tips and insights for finding love and self-love in modern times.

VINCINT's Most Awkward and Flirty Dates

Watch musician Vincint share how humor and spontaneity are the hottest traits in a date and how he preps when he goes out.

Mad Tsai Spills on Love Life and Bisexuality

Musician Mad Tsai shares dating tips for queer college students in Out's Dating Prep series.

Jari Jones: 'Dating Queer People Is an Act of Resistance'

Actress and model Jari Jones share how self-love is one of the most important ways to prep for a date in Out's Dating Prep series.

Carson Tueller on the Desexualization of Disabled People

Disability advocate Carson Tueller shares how disabled people can still date and have sex in Out's Dating PrEP series.

Jake Wesley Rogers: 'Loving Yourself Is Really Hot'

The queer singer-songwriter is looking for self-love and good taste in music for a dream date.


Here's What Queer as Folk's Johnny Sibilly Is Looking For in a Partner

The QAF and Hacks star dishes on what he finds attractive, his dating rituals, the importance of on-screen representation, and more in Out's Dating PrEP 2.0 series.

Kim Chi Says Being Famous Got in the Way of a Great Lap Dance

The RuPaul's Drag Race legend spilled the tea about the time she was recognized by a stripper mid-dance — and how it was a major turn-off.

Dexter Mayfield Shares How He Tackles Rejection & Racism While Dating

The cover star and body-positive model explains that it's all about authenticity in Out's Dating PrEP 2.0 series.

Dating PrEP: LGBTQ+ Notables Offer Dating Advice in New Trailer

Kim Chi, Johnny Sibilly, Dexter Mayfield, and Jake Wesley Rogers give tips on love and self-love in season 2 of Dating PrEP.

Jesse Montana Needs a Good Playlist and a Blue Pill for Love

The Ponyboy singer discusses the importance of music and PrEP to life and love.

How a Tap-Dance Costume Let Ryan Jamaal Swain Find Black Queer Power

The Pose star reflected on style's role in self-love, dating, and taking PrEP.

How Dave Coast Went From an Unhealthy Teen to a Master Nutritionist

The wellness blogger's relationship to food — and taking control of his health with tools like PrEP — is personal.

David Cruz's First-Date Advice to Queer Men? Get Coffee

Pacing is important to a budding romance, says the founder of Finding Cupid. And so are health preparations like PrEP.