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Watch Macy Rodman’s New Video for ‘Greased Up Freak’

Watch Macy Rodman's new "Greased Up Freak" music video off second album "Endless Kindness."

The song is the first single off of the Brooklyn musician’s sophomore album, Endless Kindness.

There are a lot of fake bitches out there (hi), but actively working to affect how you're perceived isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, changing the way you look or the way you act depending on a given situation is an essential skill that almost every woman is taught to hone, whether or not she wants to, especially when it comes to sex and dating.

Macy Rodman explores this distinctly feminine kind of shapeshifting in her new music video for "Greased Up Freak Pt. 1," the first single off of her upcoming sophomore album, Endless Kindness, out in October.

The Jon Beilin-directed video finds the Juneau-born, Brooklyn-based musician writhing, posing, and prancing around an empty green-walled bedroom, assuming different characters as she slips on different outfits. There's the pin-up girl next door, the Nagel-esque sadist, the kind of fertile girl who you could take home to your mother, and a proper but difficult-to-pin character I'm just gonna call "Doris Day, Jr." Throughout all her mutations for another person's pleasure, Rodman only makes one demand: "I'll give you anything you need / Just let me be your greased up freak."

"The song is about morphing in one way in order to keep another part of you protected -- changing your look or your behavior to relate to someone or fit a certain role," Rodman tells Out. "A big inspiration for this was the video for the Eurythmics' 'Beethoven (I Love to Listen to),' where Annie Lennox plays a housewife and a drag queen while a little girl is tormenting her. I thought about these characters [I play in my video] as existing in a similar way where they're in conversation with each other but probably part of the same being."

Watch the video below.

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