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Our Favorite Brazilian Drag Queen Is Back with a New Music Video

Watch Pabllo Vittar's new music video for "Buzina."

Pabllo Vittar’s new “Buzina” video is pure Barbarella fantasy.

In her past music videos, Pabllo Vittar has taken us to the beach, to the museum, and to the inside of Diplo's mouth. But in her new music video, "Buzina," the 24-year-old drag queen pop star from Brazil takes us to another classic setting: a virtual reality simulation that fools us into thinking it's a really an intergalactic battle between a drag queen pop star and her alien doppelgangers.

The video, per Billboard, opens on a silver-haired Vittar slinking her way through a spaceship while giving heavy Barbarella vibes -- the same 1968 Jane Fonda-starring sci-fi classic that inspired Ariana Grande's "Break Free" in 2014. The clip, directed by Os Primos directing duo Joao Monteiro and Fernando Moraes, then cuts to the Marsy-looking planet below, where a blue-haired Vittar, a pink-haired Vittar, and an orange-haired Vittar pose and dance with some aliens. Or maybe they're fighting? The plot is kind of deep and pretty difficult to follow, but I'm pretty sure the message is: "Wigs are good."

Towards the tail end of the video for the Nao Para Nao track, we see the silver-haired Vittar blast the trio of more colorfully-haired Vittars with her ship's laser, killing them all. Before she has time to realize how weird and sociopathic that was, the video cuts to a blonde Vittar wearing VR goggles, suggesting that the video was a simulation the whole time. Why not! Watch Pabllo Vittar's "Buzina" music video below.

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