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The New Troye Sivan Music Video Is So Hot, Literally

The New Troye Sivan Music Video Is So Hot, Literally

The New Troye Sivan Music Video Is So Hot, Literally

Drool for the summer.

The holidays are over, winter has set in and seasonal affective disorder is thriving. Thank heavens for Troye Sivan, who just dropped a summery music video for "Lucky Strike" from his album Bloom, that looks like a deleted scene from some long-forgotten piece of 80s French cinema, only gayer. Not much gayer, but gayer nonetheless.

The video casts Troye as a nubile young twink (a stretch) sunning himself on a gorgeous beach and flirting with a hunky seaside bartender. Its a tale as old as time: boy meets boy, boy sits in a boat with boy, boy's heart starts inexplicably bleeding through his chest, other boy squeezes boy's bloody heart in his hands showing off his biceps, boy makes a yummy summer cocktail with other boy's blood. And everyone dances on the beach at the end! It's basically Jaws if Richard Dreyfuss was a bottom with bleached hair, or a hornier version of High School Musical 2. I Know Who You Did Last Summer.

Need a little taste of summer to get you through the long cold winter? Watch Troye Sivan's "Lucky Strike" video below.

The bartender is played by Brandon Good, aka your newest thirst follow. Troye Sivan is doing the lord's work, lifting up twunks we'd never be able to drool over otherwise. A queer hero of the highest order.

Watching the video, one can't help but be nostalgic for Sivan's bleach-blonde locks: he recently went back to his roots, debuting a brunette 'do on the Golden Globes red carpet. But what a way to say farewell!

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