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Frank Ocean Debuts Jazzy New Song 'Provider' on 'blonded RADIO'

Frank Ocean

Forget the VMAs and the Game of Thrones finale and the Snake Queen’s video for just a second because, last night, something beautiful happened. Frank Ocean graced the world with a new song on his Beats 1 “blonded RADIO” show called “Provider.”

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Months after his sixth episode of the show in May, Ocean’s seventh was set to air last Sunday on the one-year anniversary of Blonde but was cancelled. Leave it to this perfect musical angel to disrupt one of pop culture’s biggest nights to drop a new track. After playing through a full mix, he put “Provider” on repeat for over an hour like a soft-spoken musical lullaby.

It’s a soothing, jazz-inspired track that references everything from Aphex Twin and shoegaze to Stanley Kubrick and basketball. In a lyric video posted to his website, visual artist Tom Sachs tricks out a boombox with a machete and huge speakers before putting in a cassette that plays the song alongside lyrics punctuated with a jumping Hello Kitty face, because why the fuck not. It’s Frank Ocean. He does what he wants.

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Besides debuting the new track, Ocean also did a freestyle rap over 2 Chainz’ “Rolls Roice Bitch” and announced he had planned to go to school after Blonde to learn “something that’s more technical and not so vulnerable.” His new track also follows the debut of new songs like “Biking,” “RAF,” and “Chanel” on previous episodes of the show. Check out the full playlist of songs from the seventh episode of “blonded RADIO” below, including “Provider.”

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