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Charli XCX's 'Boys' Gets a Grindr Remix


Charli XCX's "Boys" has already proven to be a unifying gem in these divisive times, and perhaps could even be enjoyed by gay men and women alike at the club. Now, some heroic human has given the summer single a wonderfully appropriate remix, replacing the original chorus' Mario Kart-style blips with Grindr's all too familiar notification sound.

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"I was busy thinkin' 'bout boys," the pop star repeats on the chorus, as that Grindr noise incessantly drops like it's 4 AM after Ladyfag's Holy Mountain. "Always busy dreamin' 'bout boys. Head is spinning thinkin' bout boys." 

Though we'd like to say, "You're welcome," for bringing this relatable gem into your orbit, it's much more appropriate to thank Arego Mitchell, Twitter legend and LGBTQ champion—you're a God among men. Listen, below. 

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