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Deadbeat Club's Queer Punk Sirens Prepare Never Happened EP

Jezebel Carr

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect post-election dystopian girl group, search no further. “Out the door I go off the path to progress,” growls Mandy Coxx, lead singer of Deadbeat Club, on the independent band's sophomore EP, due out June 2. Titled Never Happened, the group's four-track project is packed tight with perfect, beguiling anthems. 

Comprised of Coxx, Lillian Filth, Daniela Doom and Edith von Slayer, Deadbeat Club's members are akin to queer, punk sirens. But their second and latest EP is an aggressive departure from their self-titled debut, Coxx explains. "I think this EP feels more vengeful than the first," she told OUT. "It packs a harder punch [and] I think that also comes from us coming into ourselves as a band."

With a dark DIY magic, Never Happened sounds wonderfully masochistic. The sweet and sour notes of "Mad Girl’s Love Song," an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s poem by the same name, lures like a lullaby, though this reverie is short-lived. Soon after, Deadbeat Club delivers a verbal lashing through shouted lyrics—“Dreamed you bewitched me into bed/ Moon-struck kissed me quite insane"—while “Nothing Ever Happens” offers a powerful parody of Hillary Clinton’s campaign advertisement, "History Made."

With punchy lyrics and glamour-grunge style, Deadbeat Club’s newest EP is a sense-scrambling charmer. Listen to lead single, "Mad Girl's Love Song," below, and pre-order Never Happened before its June 2 premiere, here

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