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Watch This Queer Couple Get Locked In a Hotel Room For 24 Hours


Bonobo's new "Break Apart" music video is an intimate, voyeuristic reality show. 

Electronic musician and DJ Bonobo released today a music video to accompany his new single "Break Apart." While the visual may appear as three vignettes of couples and their casual lives together, the production process behind Bonobo's three-minute video was a lot more strenuous than you'd imagine.

Shot by LA-based director Spencer Creigh, "Break Apart" features three real life couples hanging out separately. The caveat? Creigh took these couples, one of which is queer, and locked them inside a hotel room for 24 hours, throwing away the key.

The result? Director Creigh created an intrusive, voyeuristic film that he compares to Kanye West's "Famous" video. Where we normally see music video subjects in glamorous costumes and stylized tableaus, here we see six everyday people existing, captured like an intimate, genuine reality show.

"I wanted to create the sensation that you, as the viewer, are somehow participating in voyeurism by watching the video," Spencer told i-D. "There's this great dichotomy that you experience watching the video where you're simultaneously moved by watching these very authentic moments of true feeling, and then this uneasy feeling that you're invading their privacy."

The video, equally as atmospheric and experimental as its frontman's sound, can be watched, below.

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