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Looking and Listening to the Experimental Pop Poetry of Suno Deko

David Courtright fills in the gaps on his globe-trotting path to his debut album.

Elton John and Friends Launch World AIDS Day Campaign

The legendary singer and advocate is spreading awareness about the global AIDS epidemic.

Two Gay Heroes Help Breathe New Life Into the League of Legends World

With Varus and his lover Kai, the long-running video game gets a refresh. 

Parson James on His New Breakup Ballad 'Only You'

"I lost a part of myself, and I've been trying to find my way back." 

FBI Report Shows Anti-Muslim Hate Is On the Rise

25 percent of last year's recorded incidents were rooted in an anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim bias. 

Are You Afraid of the Dark Is Coming to the Big Screen

It screenwriter Gary Dauberman is on board for the Paramount Players production. 

Munroe Bergdorf & Rain Dove Star in Illamasqua's Genderless Beauty Campaign

"It’s about being free to explore your individuality, celebrating who you are today, and who we all want to be tomorrow."

Health Teacher Under Fire For Gender Identity Lecture

Students' parents argue it's not the school's responsibility. 

LGBTQ Representation on TV at All-Time High

"Television is a critical home for LGBTQ stories and representation matters more than ever."

Andrea Gibson Releases Bon Iver-Inspired Love Poem

Watch the award-winning poet's new "Radio" video. 

Scotland Announces Legal Recognition for Non-Binary People

"The current process to change the gender on a trans person’s birth certificate is a humiliating, offensive and expensive red-tape nightmare."

Sparkling Water Fountains Are Coming to Paris

The initiative is to encourage more water drinking & less plastic usage.

Sony Pictures Straight Washes Call Me By Your Name

With a since-deleted Tweet, the Sony marketing department focused the gay film's spotlight on a straight relationship.

Britney Spears’ Painting Sells for $10k

Bien pour vous, Ms. Spears!