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Jessie Ware, Queen of Baby-Making Music, Returns

Jessie Ware
Courtesy of Tom Beard

The Londoner dishes on late nights & Friday lights. 

It's been three years since we last heard from Jessie Ware, the patron saint of tasteful booty calls. But now the soulful Londoner is back with her expansive third album Glasshouse, a set of moody come-ons, bossa nova ballads, and anthemic odes to love. Here, Ware, who wrote most of the record after becoming a mother, dishes on late nights, Friday lights, and who your next boyfriend should be.

OUT: Has motherhood changed you?

Jessie Ware: When making this record, I was in a different headspace. I feared I'd want to give up on work, but [my daughter] must've done something to me, because I've written some of my best songs since she's been alive.

The album definitely feels more ambitious. "Alone" is incredibly catchy.

My friend [musician] Kid Harpoon wanted me to work on it with Sarah Aarons, this fearless new whippersnapper songwriter. Kid's wife was very pregnant, and he told her, "If you're gonna have the baby, please do it after my session with Sarah and Jessie." She had the baby the night we finished. It was like magic.

Meanwhile, "Selfish Love" feels very Sade.

Definitely. I was thinking about her songs like "Cherish the Day." "Selfish Love" makes you wanna move and cozy up to somebody.

Your albums always conjure that feeling.

I like that late-night mood. I have from the beginning, with songs like "Running." I needed another fix for this record.

What were you watching while making it?

A lot of Friday Night Lights. I finished, and now there's a hole in my life.

Who were your favorite characters?

What's his fucking name--the hot one? Riggins! The obvious pick. And I love the opening music. I've referenced it in sessions.

Are you excited to tour? The gays are waiting.

My gay fans have been so loyal. I adore playing for them. It also means I have a room full of potential suitors for my single brother.

Glad he can benefit!

He's a nice Jewish doctor.

We'll put the word out.

Please do!

Listen to Jessie Ware's Glasshouse, below.

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