Nurses Seek Revenge in 'Nightblind' Video From Jane Wiedlin's Elettrodomestico

Jane Wiedlin

Queer rock icon Jane Wiedlin (of the Go Go's) has teamed up with Pietro Straccia for a new psych-pop project, called Elettrodomestico. The pair's debut album If You're A Boy Or A Girl, out today, is a product of collaboration that began just days after David Bowie's death and developed into a full collection of experimental, guitar-driven tracks that explore themes of alienation and despair. 

Just in time for Halloween month, Elettrodomestico's "Nightblind" video features a gang of bloodthirsty nurses, led by Wiedlin, who abduct, torture, murder and dump Pietro's male character. The lo-fi mini-horror film is directed by visual artist Chrissie Dieu, whose alter-ego Black Plastica certainly informed its grim, campy S&M-inspired imagery. 

"Things start out flirty and fun, but end up in a very dark-but-stylish place in this revenge black comedy," Elettrodomestico told OUT. "Costuming is strictly high-end designer, and the props used include a vintage wheel chair and gurney, and an antique sacrificial knife."

Watch the OUT premiere of Elettrodomestico's "Nightblind," below. 

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