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Enter An '80s Daydream With Bright Light Bright Light's Third Album

Shervin Lainez

Grab your neon headband and unitard because Choreography is here.

Bright Light Bright Light strikes again. Choreography, the third album from singer-songwriter Rod Thomas AKA the man behind BLBL, swoons listeners with bursts of '80s-inspired pop and colorful, melodic anthems. It's considerably more upbeat than his previous records and Thomas prides himself on its sound and aesthetic. "I knew exactly what I wanted Choreography to look like," he told Out. One only needs to peruse BLBL's Instagram to catch on to the fun, cheeky vibe.

Dance is at the heart of Choreography, and Thomas pulled inspiration from some of his favorite movies, like Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. "It's one of those unexpected pop culture references," he explains, adding that the Gene Kelly classic Singin' in the Rain also fed his creative fire. "There were no special effects! It's pretty amazing."

To help guide Bright Light Bright Light's devoted fans or new listeners, we asked Thomas to tell us three songs from Choreography that we should put on blast for three very different occasions.

When you're taking a shower and your roommates aren't home? "Listen to 'Where is the Heartache.' It's really over dramatic and it keeps going up and up."

When you're taking a lonely bus ride, pressing your forehead against the window, and feeling all the feelz? "Listen to 'How Does it Feel.' It's the ballad on the album with a positive spin."

When you're taking a road trip with friends, fulfilling your Crossroads fantasy? "Listen to 'All in the Name.' There are so many different vocal parts. It's a good group song."


Choreography features a host of collaborations, including numbers with Elton John ("he's a really good friend") and Alan Cumming ("he's one of my favorite performers of all time"). It's available for purchase and streaming on July 15. Check out tour dates here.

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