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The 8 Best Songs on Lady Gaga's Joanne

The 8 Best Songs on Lady Gaga's Joanne

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These numbers have been on repeat for the past four days, thank you very much. 

Joanne is impossible to stop listening to. That's a non-negotiable. Each song on the record offers a different flavor. But there are eight exceptionally sweet ones...

1. The Anthem to Play During the Credits of Sex and the City 3: "Grigio Girls"

Perhaps our favorite song on the album is the electric, sorrowful ode to sisterhood, femininity, and white wine: "Grigio Girls." It's simultaneously joyous and a little sad, tinged with nostalgia - and also very much a celebration of alcohol. If they don't use this song for either the opening or closing credits of the new Sex and the City movie, they'll have to make an American Crime Story season about that decision.

2. The Sunset, Top-Down Getaway Song: "Sinner's Prayer"

Next time you've robbed a casino in Las Vegas at gunpoint with your true love, and you're speeding away into the desert sunset in your pale pink convertible, play "Sinner's Prayer." It's moody, sexy, and makes you want to smoke a cigarette and spit sunflower seeds.

3. The Song You Play to Celebrate Your Work Week Ending: "Come to Mama"

When you've finally wrapped an exhausting week, it's 6 PM on Friday, you're feeling a little wobbly and exhausted but also ready to party, and you just need to collapse into your mother's embrace for a second--it's time to play "Come to Mama." It's kind of Beatles-sounding, with Gaga's powerful wailing thrown over jazzy beats.

4. You and Your Best Friend's Song: "Hey Girl"

Yes, dreams do come true, and at long last, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch have released a fabulous, uplifting duet. Their voices are meant to be listened to together - just different enough for you to tell them apart, but similarly rock 'n roll enough to create a gorgeous, streamlined girl-power song.

5. The Song at the Part of That War Movie When He Doesn't Come Home: "Angel Down"

One of the best things about this album is its tone--reminiscent of moody, soulful country-rock, evocative of Bob Dylan or John Mellencamp. And that's never more apparent on "Angel Down," a slow, sad, twangy, warbling song perfect for listening to on your front porch as the silent tears cascade down your face.

6. The Song That Makes You Feel Like You're in a Dive Bar: "Just Another Day"

Gaga's "Just Another Day" brings us onto the sticky floors and smoky air of her Dive Bar Tour, which continued this past weekend in New York City and included an explosive set on SNL.


7. The Heartbreaking Ballad: "Million Reasons"

"Million Reasons" is perhaps Gaga at her most stripped-down. While it's not really something we'd hope to hear at the club, we'll certainly cry to it in the rain.

8. The Country Anthem: "A-Yo"

She's already released this one as a single, and for good reason; "A-Yo" is Gaga having fun! Just listen to her belt "mirror on the ceiling" and you can picture her hopping and kicking and snarling onstage with her guitar and cowboy hat.

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