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Will Tom Ford's Next Movie Be a Naughty Comedy?


Nocturnal Animals turned out to be quite the success for fashion designer turned director Tom Ford, and now everyone has been buzzing about what's next for the Renaissance man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's writer round table transcript released today, Ford might have something raunchy up his sleeve.

"I've written something that's very politically incorrect," teased Ford to the table, which included Manchester By The Sea writer/director Kenneth Lonergan and Julieta's Pedro Almodóvar.

"I'm not sure that I could make it—which kind of makes me want to," teased Ford, who revealed to Vulture in November: "I did write a comedy. I have that comedy. Everyone who has read it says it's so inappropriate that it really couldn't be made. Even the title is inappropriate!"

Hurry, someone make a Change.org campaign to get this movie made! (Jokes, kind of.)

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