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Five Gayest Quotes from 'G.B.F.' Trailer


The movie starring Paul Iacono, in his gayest role ever, premieres at Tribeca Film Festival this week

Falling somewhere between Mean Girls and Another Gay Movie, G.B.F. wants to be the latest teenage hit (think Clueless and Heathers but way, way gayer) that will inspire boys and girls to talk all witty and hateful but secretly love and admire one another. The film premieres this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19.

Paul Iacono, who officially came out last year, graduated from playing nerdy in MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger (a kid who was so well-endowed that he was an even bigger misfit) to his gayest role ever as the gay son of a super-cool fag hag mom played by Megan Mullally and best friends with another gay high schooler, Tanner, played by Michael J. Willett.

The premise may seem throwback: that coming out will make him instantly popular because all the popular girls (aka prom queens) need a G.B.F.: Gay Best Friend. The gay boys have decided to fly under the radar (while acting swishier than Will & Grace's Jack) until they become frenemies after Tanner's premature outing and instant popularity.

We checked out the trailer and picked these five zingers for your review:

  1. "Hey you boys have any poppers? Poppers would really hit the spot right about now." --Megan Mullally
  2. "Are my arms looking Michelle Obama toned or Madonna scary" --Xosha Roquemore (Caprice)
  3. "You don't even sound like the ones on Bravo. We can totally gay you over." --Sasha Pieterse (Fawcett)
  4. "Maybe everyone secretly wants a G.B.F." --Michael J. Willett (Tanner)
  5. "I meant like gurl with a 'u'--Gurrrrrl." --Megan Mullally

Watch the trailer below:

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