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WATCH: 'Lincoln' Trailer

WATCH: 'Lincoln' Trailer

If there was ever any concern over there being too many Lincoln-based movies this year, Maestro Spielberg has probably put those (minimal) concerns to rest, just with the touch of his two-minute-plus trailer.

Oh, you forgot that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was released in cinemas this summer? Yeah, we don't blame you (poor Ben Walker). But now Daniel Day-Lewis embodies the grizzled, bearded visage of the 16th president in Lincoln. But don't overlook Sally Field (and the inevitable comparisons to her character in Forrest Gump), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, and even a speaking bit from Girls' Adam Driver (score!). 

Since Abe has already been invoked by both political parties in this year's presidential election more times than we can count, the fact that this film is being released duringn an election year, although 10 days after the election itself (November 16 to be exact) could signify that it's meant to be a sobering wakeup call to Americans, Spielberg's way of reminding us what's being screwed up with all of the ineffectual sniping, griping, and dastardly financial shenanigans. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. See the trailer below. Then check out stills of Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Sally Field in her Southern finery:

Lincoln Sally Field

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with 'stache:

Lincoln Joseph Gordon Levitt

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