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EXCLUSIVE: Internet Sensation Chris Crocker Stars In HBO Documentary

EXCLUSIVE: Internet Sensation Chris Crocker Stars In HBO Documentary

At last, the long wait is over! We've covered the internet "phenom-turned porn star" Chris Crocker's most recent exploit, starring in the HBO documentary special ME @THE ZOO, part of the HBO Documentary Films Summer Series. This visual biography — created by filmmakers Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch, whom we interviewed for our Hot List 2012 less than a month ago — follows Crocker's evolution from lonely queer progidy "bullied out of school, who harnessed the Internet for self-expression, community, and stardom."

The filmmakers (who raised the initial budget of the film on Kickstarter) point ou the "challenge of making a documentary of someone who's already making a documentary of his life," a delightful prospect; they may also be the first to explore, in depth, how the individuals and our society at large begins to comprehend this new age of self-propegated internet celebrity.

Perhaps Crocker would refer to his fame as "antifame," as he points out in the film that he became famous "for not being famous" — not the same as infamy, or "famous for being famous," à la Zsa Zsa Gabor.

At any rate, we invite you to please view this exclusive promo for the documentary ME @ THE ZOO, starring Chris Crocker that debuts on 9pm ET on June 25, only on HBO.




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