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The Instagram Proposal That Will Make You Smile 

The Instagram Proposal That Will Make You Smile

Scott Snider, Ryan Donegan

Who needs dating apps when there's Instagram? 

Whoever said that the technological age is distancing us from one another (and diminishing meaningful interactions between people, and is responsible for the downfall of human civilization and everything else wrong with the world) just wasn't creative enough.

When Ryan Donegan proposed to his boyfriend Scott Snider, it happened over the course of an entire day full of Instagram video prompts, fitting since they met through the social media platform, and Snider's closest family and friends.

The couple met two years ago after Donegan saw a picture of Snider on the beach in Key West, went back and liked a handful of his pictures -- approximately 30 or so -- and sent him a private message. After being initially ignored, a small back-and-forth started between the two of them and Donegan asked Snider out on a date. Snider posted a pictured with the caption "Swooning... Had an awesome time tonight," after their evening and sent Donegan flowers the next day.

"I always dreamed of moving to California, as many gay men do who live in states that are largely unsupportive of gay rights," said Donegan, who grew up in a small town in southern Louisiana but moved to the Golden State a few months before reaching out to Snider. Snider, who grew up in Southern California, had a very appealing "air of freedom," according to Donegan. "I could tell he was surrounded by love and support his entire life and grew up in an atmosphere where being gay was, for the most part, accepted," he explained.

Now, two years and an intricate proposal later, the two are engaged to be married. "After posting this video, the amount of support I got from back home -- from family and friends in Louisiana -- was overwhelming, literally. I had to turn my phone off from all the notifications," Donegan, who came out a few months into his and Snider's relationship, admitted. "It gave me hope that one day videos like this won't be looked at as different because it features a gay couple. Hope that, in every state across this country, love of all kinds will be celebrated."

Watch the compilation of their proposal video below, and see how their relationship unfolded on their Instagram accounts: Ryan Donegan, Scott Snider.

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