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Pure for Men

Bottom Your Way to the Top with Pure for Men’s Bath Bomb

Bottom Your Way to the Top with Pure for Men’s Bath Bomb

Pure for Men's Holiday Gift Guide

Stay ready this holiday season with gifts from Pure for Men that will make you and that special someone shine with confidence.

When it comes to gifts that can really make you glow inside and out, there are few products that can completely do the job or seem like the perfect pairing for yourself, your significant other, or your close friend. Oftentimes, holiday shopping becomes stressful, cliche, and overwhelming all at once, even when it comes to treating yourself--but this year, Pure for Men is making it so much easier with their accessible and sleek variety of presents that are serving tens across the board when it comes to self-care. Just take it from us: we've gone behind the scenes and tested all of our favorite Pure for Men products that we know are sure to make any bottom babe blush, make any versatile virtuoso feel seen, and make even the most dominant of #domtops giggle with anticipation.

Our current MVP in Pure for Men's collection is the Bath Bomb infused with lavender, spearmint, and bona fide bliss among other things. Most bath bombs that are marketed to anyone that identifies as a man tend to feel stale and predictable when it comes to scents. This Bath Bomb, however, is anything BUTT (!) basic and is canvassed with a smell that is authentic and inviting the second you open the packaging. The spearmint balances the lavender while hints of lime and tea tree oils fuse together for an aroma that is flirtatious without feeling conventionally feminine or aggressively masculine. The Bath Bomb's high-quality formula also gently detoxifies and removes impurities from your skin without leaving a feeling of dryness because of the combination of moisturizing essential oils. Trust and believe, we know how to smell a hit when we see one--and we are absolutely sure that you will want to buy this for you and yours, no matter what position either of you choose.

Pure for Men's Bath Bomb

If baths aren't really your thing but you've been itching to go to the spa, try out a combination of Pure for Men's Bar, Scrub, and Cream that will elevate any shower experience. We like to use the Bar first since it naturally and gently deodorizes the body with activated charcoal. The Bar itself smells minty and pops with a freshness that hydrates skin while washing away odor causing bacteria. Afterwards, the exfoliating Scrub smells like a soft lemon-zest dream and leaves the skin feeling younger because of how it gently smooths out complexion without any toxins. And to top it all off, the Cream functions as a smooth and not-too-oily hydrating lotion for when you step out of the shower and dry off, hitting that sweet spot when it comes to suave moisture and a relaxing scent packed with mint leaves and cloves.

Our last gag-worthy gift that we absolutely love because it samples a few of our favorite things is the Stay Ready Holiday Bundle. If you're indecisive when it comes to gift giving, this package is made for you and features what we consider Pure for Men's holy trinity: the classic Fiber Capsules, biodegradable Wipes infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, and a Candle that sets the mood with luscious notes of bergamot and dark oak. Whether you're a Pure for Men purist or Stay Ready curious, this bundle is the ultimate key to keeping that runway clear for landing and glistening with an undeniable and highly moisturized glow. And with or without the holidays, this gift bundle is a blessing for bottoms no matter the season.

Pure for Men Stay Ready Holiday Bundle

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the Pure for Men waters and give a gift that will keep on giving that you and yours will equally enjoy. If you're shy about what products to get for that special someone, check out the Pure for Men gift card option so that they can choose their own adventure. All Pure for Men products are organic, non-GMO, and vegan, made in-house and never tested on animals. It's never been this easy to be sustainable and sexy--and we know that with Pure for Men, you'll Stay Ready and feel confident all year long.

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